Decisions … Decisions … Consequences

On April 30, 2016, I Am Proof (IAP) graduated our first 3rd level class; it was so exciting and a very special occasion for the family members and friends attending the graduation. Our students were so confident about their accomplishments and themselves that they decided to make a video telling others about their experiences and why other young men should attend the IAP group-mentoring program.

Now keep in mind we are referring to young men ages 15 and 16, their parents’ are allowing/requiring them to make the decision to attend a mentoring program at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday mornings, five consecutive Saturday sessions. What are the numerous possibilities of things they could be doing instead? Consequently, during the first session one of our willing participants stated, “When my Mom asked me to attend, I didn’t want to because I am tired, I’m sleepy, and I didn’t know what to expect.”  That is a normal reaction and it was the consensus of the group. However, he made the decision to attend!

Jayden_and_CapriceWe have five sessions to explore during our group-mentoring program, our second session includes an interactive discussion, and a group activity on Making Sound Decisions as well as understanding there are always consequences for the decision made. The optimal word here is making “sound” decisions. How do we know if we are making a sound decision? When we make a decision, some may identify with making the choice using the process below and it may occur impulsively:

  • Define your Decision
  • Identify your Objective
  • Commit to your Decision

However, our participants discuss Making a Sound Decision that encompasses thought! In order to make a sound decision the following process is incorporated.

  • Define your decision
  • Identify your Real Objective
  • Write down your options
  • Consider others your decision affect
  • Weigh your options
  • Commit to your decision

Also, it may be necessary to make a decision without thinking about the outcome it has on you or others, possibly due to time constraints or a matter of life or death. When making a sound decision start with understanding the real objective of the decision. Sometime we may convince ourselves that this is the real reason to make this decision when it is really because of anger and or frustration with self or someone else. Therefore, not admitting to the real reason a decision was made could lead to a major misunderstanding, disrespect, and loss of friendships.

Remember the decision you make today could change the entire course of your life.



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