Mission and Vision

Our Mission

I Am PROOF, group mentoring program will guide young men on a journey of self-discovery; using social-emotional learning, which will strengthen their communication skills; expand their knowledge of making sound decisions, personal responsibilities, and identify conflict resolution strategies, which are essential abilities required for a successful school experience and preparation for workplace success.

Our Vision

I Am PROOF, Inc well become the initial intervention program for young men ages 13-18, in partnership with faith-based and youth organizations, schools and, youth sports programs.  We will function as an alternative mentoring program for the Juvenile Justice Systems ‘for the First Time Offenders’ program.

Our Goals

To address how inappropriate behaviors in the classroom could impact a students’ performance and disrupts the classroom environment.

To address how a negative attitude in a classroom setting results in negative consequences.

To address how disrespectful behaviors and attitude toward persons in authority may lead to negative outcomes.

To Identify trauma related issues through peer interactions that may result in referral to a professional.

Recognizing the above discussed behaviors may have the option of leading to:

  •     Suspension
  •     Expulsion
  •     Drop-out
  •     Prison

What is I Am PROOF, Inc

I Am PROOF, Inc social skills mentoring program is available to all students ages 11-18 and is presented in five (5) two hours sessions.

 Contact us for more information at (321) 720-4510