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What We Do – Our Program

The I AM PROOF mentoring program provides guidance to boys ages 12 through 15, and addresses their emotional, cultural and spiritual needs during the critical development stages each age range.

Proof Acronym BlackThe program focuses on building essential life skills that will produce strong, intelligent, inspired young men.

The program consists of five tiers:

{1} Personal Awareness
{2} Social Skills
{3} Physical Fitness & Nutrition
{4} Educational Goals and Financial Literacy
{5} Mentoring and Volunteering

Activities and discussions are used to transform the lives of participants while focusing on understanding self, personal responsibility, emotional and spiritual health.

Planning and preparing in both of these areas is developed and encouraged through workbooks and special guests.

Understanding and developing interpersonal communication and sound decision-making skills, as well as etiquette and social behaviors are taught through interactive role playing, group activities and age appropriate exercises.

Educational excellence, financial literacy, personal achievements and career exposure will be taught in a variety of formats and include topics such as test taking techniques, presentations, seeking and applying for colleges or career paths, resume writing, and interview techniques.

The development of total health and wellness is important in cultivating those individuals maturing, to be strong in spirit, mind and body. Specific activities introduce the areas of food and nutrition, and fitness.

Mentoring and giving back to others is key to making a difference. Members of this tier are preparing for their certification to become mentors and role models for new members and other youths in their communities. As each member progresses through the programs they are able to take responsibility to guide younger and new members to grow and excel in their training.

The I AM PROOF, Inc.  mentoring program is segmented by age-appropriate information, and is designed for ongoing training at a consecutive age levels as follows

  • Group 1 – Age 12 – 13, and
  • Group 2 – Age 14 – 15.

Each program is run quarterly during the calendar year and five consecutive weekends. Follow-up and special training sessions are scheduled between each of the programs. Additional information is added to the second annual program and is designed to reinforce what was learned in program 1 with additional skills and challenges added. A graduation ceremony takes place after the program is completed.