We’ve included the textbooks we use in our IAP Classes. They are available in a Kindle version with immediate download at Amazon, or as a hard copy that will be mailed to you.

Free Kindle reader apps are available for almost every device.  If you are interested in owning your own Kindle, the links are shown here.  Purchases through our website benefit I Am Proof.  Thank you.

Additional Resources are below.  Check back often for new and helpful information.




Click here to download a Free Cookbook for Teens.






Think B4U Speak Horiz



Remember to THINK before you Speak.







Print the picture and keep it handy for a visual sense of portions and daily requirements.

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Here are some links to Local Resources available:

Brevard Kidcare – health insurance for children under 18.

Changes. Youth & Family Services in Brevard – counseling, workshops and help through life changes.